Just Another Day

Dear Mi’ja,

(I know I don’t call you Mi’ja but it just looks so cute and artistic 🙂 )

The house is quiet and the Ranch Doritos in the bowl are tasty. I’ve washed the bathrooms and done the laundry. In the Altec speakers Lila Downs is singing Cucurrucucú. I know she’s not your favorite artist but I like her music because she reminds me of my childhood but at the same time she make me feel proud of the present. You know because she’s from Oaxaca, I’m from Oaxaca. We’re practically sisters.

Nauj and Gael are at the Aquarium of the Pacific with your grandma. I looked it up on Yelp yesterday and this is what I found:


Creepy huh?

Remember that story I wrote about the day I stole the Whitney Houston cassette from conceited Jessica? I’m getting ready to submit it to a contest or a magazine, I can’t decide which one. The contest is with the Boston Review which is, of course, a very good place to get read, but the magazine I want to submit to is about Latinas which, you know, is awesome. I looked over the story again and all I found were a few spelling and grammar mistakes, nothing big so I think it might be ready. I’m a little nervous but I think it’s time and I might go with the Boston Review. I’ve read some of their stuff and I liked it    so . . . what the heck!

I’m also still working on Abuelita’s story and I’m getting to the exciting part where she leaves with (or is taken by) her “husband.” Exciting!

Hope you had fun exploring your new neighborhood, I’m sure it’s beautiful.
Oh! I found these blogs for you, they have easy recipes for college students like you.



www.cookingwithoutlimits.wordpress.com (she has really cute food pictures)

Please take very good care of yourself!



P.S. I miss you!


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