How Are You?

How was your day? Your first day of college classes? Were they fun? Hard? Exciting? Nerve-wracking? Boring?

All of the above? (except boring, I hope)

Well, échale ganas!

I know you can do it!

At home, things are as normal as they can be, considering we’re down one (miss you!)

Yesterday we spent the day with your grandma, your uncle and his girlfriend. (Nauj went to work with your dad)

We had a good day, if you don’t count the fact that I was feeling a little down, or not really down, just worried. Worried about you. Are you eating well? Will you be okay? Are your friends responsible friends? Will you forget about us? Are you being good to yourself? Plus so many other questions that didn’t let me concentrate on Gael all that much, after all we were taking him out for his birthday, even if it was only us five.

First we went to La Placita Olverathat was nice. I always love going there. We went into La Plaza de Cultura y Artes so Gael could play in the Calle Principal (aka Main Street). At first he just didn’t understand what he was supposed to do there but when we played pretend in the little grocery store, he got it and then he didn’t want to leave.


I offered him chiles from a jar but it was glued shut, then I offered him a can of beans (or something else, can’t remember) but they were screwed on to the shelf. Then I offered to weigh the (toy) fruits and vegetables he had put in the basket (a real basket, a canasta) but the needle on the scale was missing. OMG! But he was having fun anyway, and you know I enjoyed it too. First it was my turn to stand behind the counter and I charged him $5 cause we were in the 1920’s but when it was his turn he charged me $100 because he only knows the present where it costs $10 to buy a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. So that’s what he charged me. He’s so cute.

We also went inside the clothing store and he tried on some nice clothes


So cute!

Then we went back out to La Placita and looked at all the little stands with all their cute Mexican (and sometimes not so Mexican) art. They have a lot of new stuff now: mirrors backed with a Loteria card and decorated with glitter glue, aprons with chile and skull prints, wallets that look like conchas of all the three colors that I think a stared a little too long at because I was getting hungry, tissue paper fiesta banners, and this cute wood thing to hang on the wall that I plan on making cause it is so easy to make and I could put any picture I want on it. Your uncle’s girlfriend liked it and I might make one for her too, with a Frida picture, you know how much she likes Frida.



Do you ever wonder how many times you’ve shown up as a random person in someone else’s picture?

We also went inside the Avila House, I never get bored of that place.


But Gael was kinda bored in there, so we just took a quick look.

We finished the day off at the spaghetti place we like on 3rd St. Only this time I didn’t choose spaghetti, I chose rice, chicken, and veggies (yeah, I know, then what’s the point of eating there? pero se me antojó, sorry). Gael chose pizza though. I thought the old lady in front of us in line was going to pay for his slice, she kept talking to him then asked his name and called him to stand next to her when her turn came up but then she just left him standing there so had to pay. Ay que viejita . . . she was so nice and cute though.

Finally, to end the day we went to the park across the street where the entrance is pretty much lined with vendors selling all their colorful toys and shhh . . . tuff that every kid begs their mom for. Ayayay! But Gael didn’t ask for anything. I had already bought him one of those at the Placita Olvera, it was inside the elephant backpack with his animals.

Hope you had a good weekend too! Glad you’re making friends. Thanks for the pictures, my favorite:




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