Yesterday Morning: ahhhhh

Yesterday, after I dropped off your brothers, I decided to go to Panera. I sat there  drinking a green smoothie and eating a cheese pastry. I wrote for a little bit and then went home. And then you know what I did? I sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV. Can you believe that? I didn’t want to but I really needed it.

I started watching Club de Cuervos, it’s a new Netflix series. It started out kind of !!!!! ! like The Wolf of Wallstreet type of !!!!!. I even wanted to cover my eyes but it was just a little piece in the beginning, the rest of the program was actually pretty good. It’s about a brother and sister whose dad owns a soccer team and dies of a heart attack. The son, who is very irresponsible and immature, takes his place as president but the company doesn’t want to give the position to the sister because she’s a woman and her dad wanted her to raise a family. Of course that’s not what she wants, she wants to be president because she’s good at her job. That’s the main issue and then there’s this other drama with the woman their dad was living with and who is about to have a baby . . . DNA test . . . one third of the dad’s fortune . . .

It’s pretty good, might have to bingewatch.

Then I went to sleep. Soooo goooood!

And the rest of the day was busy busy

Today was picture day with Nauj. I ironed his shirt, a collared shirt. I gave it to him, he took it and when we were about to leave and I didn’t see him wearing it I asked him about it.

Yeah, it’s in my backpack.

And he says it like it’s fine, no problem.


So proud of you, have a good day today 🙂


Your Má


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