Yesterday was International Women’s Day. My husband told me to not do anything and I had planned on “following his orders.” I wanted nothing more than to do nothing other than the things I enjoy like writing and art. I planned on not cooking, not picking up messes and not doing anything I didn’t need to do. I imagined myself sitting at my table in my artistic space listening to music and making art. But alas! I am a mother and a mother must care for her children. She must make sure they are clean, make sure they are fed and she must not allow fights to get too loud.

It turns out I finished doing the laundry, I cooked dinner and I helped with homework while at the same time doing mine. But I also wrote – I wrote about myself on the About Me page and I did manage to sneak in 10 minutes of art fun in my journal. I even managed to fit in a doctor’s visit, a grocery store run and, at the insistence of Gael, (my 5-year old son) an hour at the library improvising a game of Guess Who? which neither one of us has played before.

“Okay,” I said, “I think you have ask me questions so you can guess which one I’m looking at.”

“Ohhh, okay,” he said and I decided to ask first so he could see how to ask his questions.

“Is it round?”


“Is it a fruit?”


“Is it an orange?”


It was the most exciting thing to see Gael get that excited over a good “guess.” And then it was his turn.

“Is it round?”


“Is it the orange?”


“Is it the apple?”


“Is it the donut?”


“Is it the banana?”

“That’s not round.”

“But I’m asking questions.”


“Is it the strawberry?”

“Um, yes. Okay, let’s go look at the books”


Looking at my day, I’m surprised I’m still here. We women really are something amazing. What would the world be without us?

Which brings me to what I was thinking about yesterday – about the women I admire. There are many but here are just a few . . .

Sandra Cisneros, a Chicana writer who now lives in Mexico, which, by the way, is my plan for the future. The House on Mango Street is one of my favorites but I’d have to say that I am in love with Caramelo. Caramelo inspired me to keep working on my own grandmother’s story. Her writing style is the kind of writing I aspire to achieve: clear and simple but true and transcendent.

Maya Angelou, a black writer who stole my heart with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. That book was the hook that made me read Gather Together in My Name and Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas, and Heart of a Woman. Then there’s her poem Still I Rise which only she reads perfectly. Of course there’s more of her work I need to read but I already love her.

Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz, a feminist Mexican writer and nun of the 17th century. Although I do not consider myself a feminist (more on that in another post) nor a religious person (will also write about that later) I do admire her rebelliousness, her view on life and her intellect.

Mother Teresa, a nun and missionary. The way she took care of the forgotten is a trait I can’t help but admire in her. For some reason I have a special love for the homeless which is why, at least in small doses, I give to them directly whenever possible. Of course what I do does not compare to Mother Teresa’s work but I do believe in that quote by Aesop:

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 

Hoping your Women’s Day was just as eventful,



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