The Shit That Happened will continue next week

In the meantime . . .


Today is International Mother’s Day and being that my family is Mexican, we celebrate today and because we are here in the United States, we also celebrate on Sunday. I’ve called my aunts, my mom and my dad because coincidentally it is also his birthday. Nothing much is happening today except that I am happy to be a mother to my three children.

Mayerlin, who made me a mother at the age of 18 is now in college and working. We don’t always agree on everything but we do always find time to spend together. She’s hardworking and beautiful. She is my favorite photographer and has a life plan to work with orphan children is one that inspires me not only to follow my own dreams but to continue to improve as a mom. To try to be the kind of mom who makes her children want to go out and help and be and do.

Nauj, who just became a teenager this year, is the one who makes the rest of us laugh. His lego building is now in the past. As I write this I am brought back to one night when I had sent him to bed. When I got up for a glass of water I noticed his light was on, I quietly poked my head in to see him looking through his lego magazine and his legos spread out in front of him. That night my heart melted, I knew his childhood would not be forever, that one day he would not be sneaking around to play legos. That day has come, the earbuds are in 24/7 and his bedroom door is locked when I wake him up in the mornings.

Gael, the baby of the house is no longer a baby. He is a big boy. His questions about life make me have questions of my own. His love of flowers makes me go out and plant even though most every plant I’ve owned has died. His love of animals makes me want to pursue my dream of one day living on a farm. We share a dream of one day, when we grow up, to be writers and illustrators. He will write and illustrate a 10-volume set and I will write, draw and teach and we will live on a farm somewhere in the sierras of our Mexican ancestors.

My mom, the one who brought me into this world, is always there for me and for that I am grateful. She’s was there for me when I became a teenage mother and she is there for me now that I am going through this cancer treatment.

Feeling grateful to be  a  mother. . .


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