About Me


Because describing myself in paragraph form is hard, here’s a list (in no particular order):

  • I am an artist
  • I am a quiet person with a chatty mind
  • I am forgetful so I keep a planner
  • I smile easily, even to the mirror
  • I have a petite body that is very flexible
  • I procrastinate, it’s at the top of the list of the things I want to change
  • I tend to be very contemplative about life
  • I will one day live in the country
  • I am not athletic but I will learn to swim and I will train to be a decent runner
  • I try to be creative with everything I do
  • I am spiritual, love woo woo stuff
  • I am a YouTube taught user of paints
  • I am serious with occasional outbursts of quirky
  • I feel frumpy sometimes but I take a shower and put on eyeshadow everyday
  • I know how to draw because I’ve been practicing it since I was a little girl
  • I am a writer but want to be a working writer
  • I think family is important which is why I started early
  • I love solitude because I enjoy my own company
  • I am a neat freak, described by my children as OCD
  • I understand Zapotec because my parents are Zapotec indians
  • I love love love colors
  • I don’t like to cook but I cook as healthfully as possible everyday
  • I am getting to know myself better as I get older
  • I get up every morning with the intention of doing my best, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I always try.